Thursday, February 17, 2005

Church Chaos

The scene from the book that I would like to be in the movie is the one where Winn-Dixie starts howling and Opal and the preacher have no choice but to bring him to the Open Arms Baptist Church with them. They tie him up outside but he starts howling and interrupting the service. They bring him into the church but then Winn-Dixie sees a mouse and chases it around the church. He catches the mouse in his mouth and carefully puts it down in front of the preacher. When the mouse tries to escape, Winn-Dixie quickly puts his paw on the mouse's tail. The preacher prays that the mouse lands on a soft spot of grass and the he throws it out of the church.


At 6:42 AM, Blogger Mother of 4 said...

Even as an adult I truly loved that book. I've found myself reading some of the books my 10 year old reads. Even members of the animal kingdom seem to be able to demonstrate gentleness and kindness.


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