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Monday, February 21, 2005

Last Days in Africville

This novel by Dorothy Perkyns, set in the black community of Africville in Halifax during the 1960s, is a Silver Birch Award nominee for 2005. Selina Palmer faces many difficulties both at home and at school, but somehow we get the impression that she has the strength and courage to overcome the obstacles.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Church Chaos

The scene from the book that I would like to be in the movie is the one where Winn-Dixie starts howling and Opal and the preacher have no choice but to bring him to the Open Arms Baptist Church with them. They tie him up outside but he starts howling and interrupting the service. They bring him into the church but then Winn-Dixie sees a mouse and chases it around the church. He catches the mouse in his mouth and carefully puts it down in front of the preacher. When the mouse tries to escape, Winn-Dixie quickly puts his paw on the mouse's tail. The preacher prays that the mouse lands on a soft spot of grass and the he throws it out of the church.

Ancient Greek Design by A.P. too! Posted by Hello

Ancient Greek Design by A.P. Posted by Hello

Friday, February 11, 2005

Toronto Star Mind Map by K.C.G. Posted by Hello

Monday, February 07, 2005

Because of Winn Dixie Poetry

Funny, Sad
Expecting, Exciting, Explaining
Good Book With Laughing
Chasing, Looking, Helping
Happy, Animals
By N.S. 2

Winn Dixie
Never Sad

Likes littmus lozenges
Likes peanut butter
Smiles so hard he sneezes

By N.S.1

intelligent, interesting
sneezing, licking, playing
Stop barking at me!
jumping, scratching, exploring
furry, young
By S.K.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Ten things We Know About Winn-Dixie, by C.W.R.

1. He was found in a grocery store called Winn-Dixie.
2. He likes to eat peanut butter and Littmus Lozenges.
3. He likes to smile at people a lot.
4. He has brown eyes and brown fur with bald spots.
5. He likes to lie down and listen to stories
6. He is afraid of thunderstorms.
7. He doesn't like baths.
8. He goes to church with Opal.
9. He makes friends easily
10. He likes to sleep on a bed and sit on a couch like people do.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Animal Alphabet Poem By D. Y.

A is for anteater with a long tongue
B is for bull charging away
C is for cobra, Watch out it'll bite!
D is for dingo a very dangerous dog
E is for eagle that soars in the sky
F is for fox silent and sly
G is for great white shark, a blood thirsty shark
H is for hammerhead, another shark
I is for iguana a scaly lizard
J is for jaguar a silent black cat
K is for koala a very lazy bear
L is for lynx a playful cat
M is for mountain gorilla, a rare gorilla
N is for narwhal a weird whale
O if for ox a very strong animal
P is for penguins that waddle away
Q is for quail a funny bird
R is for red-tailed hawk a cool soaring bird
S is for skinny pig a hairless creature
T is for tiger silent and fast
U if for umbrella fish another weird fish
V is for vulture a bird of prey
W is for whale shark a very big shark
X is for x-ray fish a fish with a weird name
Y is for yak like the show Yakety Yak
Z is for the zebra with stripes all over him!