Monday, January 24, 2005

Animal Alphabet Poem By D. Y.

A is for anteater with a long tongue
B is for bull charging away
C is for cobra, Watch out it'll bite!
D is for dingo a very dangerous dog
E is for eagle that soars in the sky
F is for fox silent and sly
G is for great white shark, a blood thirsty shark
H is for hammerhead, another shark
I is for iguana a scaly lizard
J is for jaguar a silent black cat
K is for koala a very lazy bear
L is for lynx a playful cat
M is for mountain gorilla, a rare gorilla
N is for narwhal a weird whale
O if for ox a very strong animal
P is for penguins that waddle away
Q is for quail a funny bird
R is for red-tailed hawk a cool soaring bird
S is for skinny pig a hairless creature
T is for tiger silent and fast
U if for umbrella fish another weird fish
V is for vulture a bird of prey
W is for whale shark a very big shark
X is for x-ray fish a fish with a weird name
Y is for yak like the show Yakety Yak
Z is for the zebra with stripes all over him!


At 4:49 PM, Blogger teacher said...

Hi Annette;

I love this one. I love the imagery and the commentary as well as the excellent selection of animals. I will read it to my preschoolers. I think the rhythm will catch them, and the word pictures will enthrall them. Thanks.

(assuming this is okay with you. If not, let me know.)


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